Explorer Cabaïa backpack

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Very well designed backpack, with a roll top opening and a zipper on the side for added security, in coated canvas, it can be worn in any season and can be cleaned with a sponge and soap, comfortable with padded shoulder straps and back foam, optimized interior organization with a computer pocket, a flat pocket and a flap pocket. Reflective strips on the front pocket and on the straps, ventral fastener, a water bottle pocket on the side.

Dimensions: 26 x 42 x 15 cm

Volume: 23 L

Outer material: 100% recycled polyester
Exterior covering: 100% polyurethane
Interior: 100% polyester

Sold with a front pouch.


What defects does the warranty cover?
Seam defects:

- Top of the straps that tears
- Bag seams that relax
- Zip seams that tear
- Torn seams

Buckles and interior pockets:

- Torn pockets
- Broken curls

Other defects:

- Broken zipper pull

This warranty is valid for a period of 30 years from the date of purchase.
PS: Legally, the lifetime guarantee (until your death) is a concept that is difficult to define, so we said to ourselves that 30 years wouldn't be bad.
- Insufficient fabric length (fabric that has a hole at the seam)
- Defective press button
- Broken elastic