Cabaïa Marbella S backpack

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Cabaïa backpack, Adventurer is a whole range with interchangeable zipped pockets, made of 900D vegan nylon canvas, a tear-resistant and resistant material, the pocket system is tamper-proof and patented.

Wide-angle tote bag opening system, with a padded pocket inside to protect your tablet or 13" PC, safety carabiner, padded, anti-perspirant straps, suitcase strap, sold with 2 interchangeable pockets.

Cabaïa backpacks are guaranteed for life!*

Dimensions: 32 x 23 x 13 cm

Volume: 12 L Weight: 0.7 Kg

Our warranty covers:

Seam defects:

  1. - Top of the straps that tears
  2. - Bag seams that relax
  3. - Zip seams that come undone
  4. - Seams that tear

Buckles and interior pockets:

  • Torn pockets
  • Broken curls
  • Broken zipper pull
  • Insufficient fabric length (fabric with a hole at the seam)
  • Defective snap button
  • Broken elastic

These elements will be repaired or replaced, after examination by us that the damage results solely from a manufacturing defect.

The warranty is limited to the price of the product concerned, and does not cover indirect damage.

The following product damages are not covered by the lifetime warranty:

  • Repairs made by a third party other than Cabaïa
  • Cut in fabric
  • Stain
  • Damaged fabric
  • Burn
  • Bottom of the bag damaged or worn
  • Stripe on the snaps or Zip
  • Scratches on the faux leather elements.
  • Attached handle clasps
  • Hole in the canvas