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Cabaïa backpack, the new City range, an urban look but above all very practical for everyday use, this backpack has been designed to easily and safely transport all your belongings. Magnetic flap, zipped closure with 180° opening, safety carabiner inside, padded pocket that can accommodate a 13" laptop, padded, anti-perspirant straps, sold with 2 interchangeable pockets,

Dimensions: 43 x 27 x 16 cm

Volume: 23 L Weight: 1.1Kg

100% recycled polyester, made from 25.8 water bottles, sorted, washed, melted and woven to obtain an ultra-resistant material.

Cabaïa backpacks are guaranteed for life*

*Under normal use

Our warranty covers:

Seam defects:

  1. - Top of the straps that tears
  2. - Bag seams that relax
  3. - Zip seams that come undone
  4. - Seams that tear

Buckles and interior pockets:

  • Torn pockets
  • Broken curls
  • Broken zipper pull
  • Insufficient fabric length (fabric with a hole at the seam)
  • Defective snap button
  • Broken elastic

These elements will be repaired or replaced, after examination by us that the damage results solely from a manufacturing defect.

The warranty is limited to the price of the product concerned, and does not cover indirect damage.

The following product damages are not covered by the lifetime warranty:

  • Repairs made by a third party other than Cabaïa
  • Cut in fabric
  • Stain
  • Damaged fabric
  • Burn
  • Bottom of the bag damaged or worn
  • Stripe on the snaps or Zip
  • Scratches on the faux leather elements.
  • Attached handle clasps
  • Hole in the canvas