X-TRA Solid Folding Umbrella Isotoner Checkered Men 09379

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X-tra strong folding umbrella

Xtra Solid Technology

Face wind forces up to 60% higher than those supported by a standard umbrella.

Tested in the laboratory, its reinforced aluminum and fiberglass structure gives it optimal strength.

Very resistant materials : X-tra Solide, a technological innovation that defies wind forces up to 60% higher than those supported by a standard competition umbrella! This X-tra Solide line consists of high-strength anti-rollover umbrellas. Their reinforced aluminum and fiberglass structure is at the origin of such performances.
Ultra water-repellent and waterproof material : This X-tra Sec treatment is revolutionary and ensures you have ultra-dry umbrellas even in torrential rain! The 190T pongee material is covered with an invisible treatment that blocks raindrops. Shake your umbrella after use, the water slides off the canvas to leave it ultra dry!
Automatic opening and closing mechanism : Easy and quick to use, defy time when opening and closing this umbrella, even with one hand! Press the button on the handle, your umbrella opens automatically. Press the button again, the cover closes on the mast. Finally fold the pole up to the handle for complete closure.
Compact and easy to carry : This umbrella measures 28.3 cm when folded. Its diameter of 97 cm allows you maximum protection. Its weight is 365 grams. The rubberized handle and its ergonomic shape ensure a good grip. Finally, it has a pouch matching the canvas to store it after use.